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Moveable Shelving – Storage Systems

Automated Solutions Association offers High Density Moveable Shelving Storage systems to customers for high density storage solutions. Styles of high density moveable shelving systems available are the electric high density mobile shelving system, mechanical assistance mobile shelving system and manual mobile shelving system. The concept of mobile shelving is to eliminate aisle space by compacting sections of shelving on a moveable carriage. The compact shelving or moveable filing storage systems are designed to store file folders, binders, multi-media, weapons, wardrobes, books and many various types of media.   Moveable shelving system can increase storage capacity 300% in the same floor space over traditional filing systems.     Either push a button or crank a handle to move the moveable units to the left or right to access the material on the shelves.

Another style of high density moveable shelving is the lateral shelving, which is single depth shelving that moves from side-to-side when pushed by a user to open a section of shelving up behind a front section.

Moveable Shelving

For more information on High Density Moveable Shelving please contact your local ASA Dealer.