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Mobile Shelving Green Office

Mobile Shelving – Going Green in the Office

Mobile Shelving Systems are made up of steel shelving and carriages that are recyclable and made of recycled steel. The premise of a mobile shelving system, to reduce the footprint of file cabinets and give you back valuable office space for other requirements decreases your file storage footprint.

Architects are becoming more in tune with mobile shelving systems, specifying systems with tracks laid in the building foundation or on top of the slab in existing buildings.

Mobile Shelving Systems are not just for large corporations with vast storage requirements, small and medium size companies are also taking advantage of the space savings provided by going mobile. Mobile Shelving Systems are available in a smaller scale to meet your growing office needs with shelving configured to store paper records, multi-media such as CDs and DVDs, books, office supplies, hospital supplies and many more types of media.

Mobile Shelving Systems also are not just intended for new construction projects. We routinely see customers in existing buildings going mobile to save valuable office space. Over the years, our space planners have helped many a customer stay in an existing facility by saving floor space with a mobile shelving system where they would otherwise have to purchase additional office space.

For more information on going Green in the office with Mobile Shelving Systems please contact your local ASA