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High Density Mobile Storage Shelving with Moving Aisles

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving are Mobile Filing Cabinets with Moving Aisles designed to maximize your office file storage floor space. High capacity file racks are innovative filing systems that roll back and forth on tracks to save floor space by eliminating unused access aisles. These mobile filing cabinets with moving aisles can reduce your floor space requirements by up to 66% compared to traditional lateral file cabinets. Traditional office filing cabinets only have four to five file drawers, whereas rolling high capacity file racks have seven to eight file storage levels high. Since high capacity file racks use file shelves instead of filing drawers you don’t need a ladder or stool to access files. Combine the vertical file storage benefits with eliminating unused access aisles and you have a very high capacity filing system. The chart below shows just how much floor space Rolling High Capacity File Racks can save.

Mobile Storage Shelving Costs Less Than File Cabinets

Another great benefit of using mobile filing cabinets with moving aisles is they are less expensive than lateral file cabinets. In the chart above you can see how much it costs to store a foot of files in lateral file cabinets compared to mobile filing cabinets with moving aisles.

Mobile Storage Shelving Can Store More Than Just Files

In addition to floor space savings, rolling high capacity file racks are also very flexible. These mobile filing cabinets store a wide variety of items including, record storage boxes, binders, all types of office supplies, you can even add drawers to the units. There are a couple of ways to store your file folders in high capacity file racks. One way is with color coded labeling on side tab file folders. Color coding your file folders speeds up retrieval and helps to eliminate misplaced file folders. The second way to store files in high capacity file racks is with side tab hanging file folders that hook onto rails. These hanging file folders are similar to those used in vertical or lateral file cabinets except they have a side name labeling system. Both of these filing methods are extremely popular with high capacity file racks.