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National Office Systems – Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C.



Located in Beltsville, MD covering the state of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. and encompassing every United States government facility.

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National Office Systems, Inc., established in 1977, a small business, dedicated to helping your group meet its’ mission goals by providing space, materials and records management solutions, for maximum efficiency, productivity and space utilization. Our quality GSA products, professional factory trained staff, and the highest degree of customer service and support, ensure a smooth transition to state of the art, records and materials storage solutions. National Office Systems continues to develop a dedicated base of loyal clients who look to our company to provide exceptional value and quality workmanship and integrity.

Services include – but are not limited to – the following:

Cost-effective, high-density storage and retrieval systems dramatically improve your workflow, and will consolidate your storage space. Comprehensive workflow and materials analysis, result in custom-crafted, mission specific, storage proposals tailored to meet your mission goals.

Things to consider:

  • Artwork
  • Athletic equipment
  • Catheters
  • Clothes
  • Filing
  • Food supplies
  • Guns and Ammo
  • Lab specimens
  • Linens Newspapers
  • Personnel lockers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plasma
  • Records
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Sterile surgical supplies
  • X-Ray and Film
  • Zoological Specimens

Mobile Filing and Storage Systems GSA Contracts:

Comprehensive asset management software for tracking all types of materials using bar codes, computer generated color coded labels and radio frequency and/or magnetic security systems which will re-engineer your existing file room to provide secure, check-out return and inventory processes.

The Network Products Division of NOS is a value-added reseller of network support products. These products include Network Operation Centers, Media Storage Cabinets, Server Enclosures, Relay Racks, Workstations, Test Benches, Training Desks, Backup Tape Storage Racks, Mobile Workstations, Battery Backup and Surge Protection, as well as, KVM Switching.

LAN & Network GSA Furniture Contracts:

EDP GS-29F-0104G


Space planning, consolidating hard copy materials, increasing footprint for computer workstations/study areas, aesthetic design considerations and specification services, will provide you with a complete solution that will improve the appearance, functionality and accessibility of your Information Resource Center.

Mailroom solutions from NOS streamline the processing and management of incoming/outgoing mail; including shipping, sorting, and final distribution.
Durable, reconfigurable, modular design mailroom fixtures expand easily to meet the constantly changing needs of your organization.

Mailroom GSA Furniture Contracts:

NOS, through its affiliation with industry partners, represents the top manufacturers, and can provide custom storage cabinets for most any unique storage application.

NOS Industrial Division provides materials handling solutions for industrial storage requirements incorporating the latest in software controls.


NOS provides all filing products, including standard and custom folders and pockets, alpha/numeric labeling, color-coding and bar-coding labels. These systems facilitate pulling and refiling, increase productivity, reduce misfiles and organize your files and records.


Because custom tailored storage and retrieval solutions help you fulfill your mission goals, a complimentary, comprehensive survey – as well as a detailed case specific needs analysis, will create a records management and space planning design, that will dramatically improve your ability to meet or exceed your stated goals.

Installations and contract services are performed by factory trained and authorized employees who specialize in high-density storage and retrieval systems. Each project is closely supervised and technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, ensuring a prompt response to your needs. Equipment service and maintenance agreements are offered on almost all major brands of high density storage and retrieval products.

Factory trained, experienced personnel systematically relocate library and file room materials in their entirety as well as in correct order. During the relocation process, key materials and documents remain accessible by utilizing custom designed mobile carts. Weekday and weekend hours are no extra charge and all work is guaranteed. Routine file maintenance activities such as: purging, archiving etc. can also be contracted for by experienced Records
Management Professionals.

Accessibility is an issue that is taken seriously at NOS. All of the products listed above are manufactured to be ADA compliant and meet Public Law 101-336 as mandated by the Federal Government.

Work related injuries have become a growing area of concern for agencies. Properly specified, automated, high density storage equipment will reduce claims for repetitive motion syndrome injuries, minimize excessive bending, stooping and reaching and meet the requirements set forth by Congress in 1998 in the Rehabilitation Act, Section 508.

We are GSA approved! 

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