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GBS NetLabels

Customize your labels to maximize productivity, eliminate misfiling, and simplify document tracking. NetLabels offers an endless array of label designs, forms, and printing options. Label designs containing images, graphics, logos, bar codes, calendar grids, color-coded indexes, and many other features have already been developed. NetLabels can be customized to support your specific label printing needs, across all your sites and staff members, without installing any label printing software. It offers on-demand printing of both basic and advanced label designs. The label content can be entered by keyboard or acquired electronically through file transfers (e.g., electronic mail) or real-time access to your critical computer applications. The advanced graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to preview labels as you create them, before printing.


NetLabels supports combinations of label elements including:

  • Any number of color bars per label
  • Narrow or wide color bars
  • Alphabetic and numeric characters – black, white, or color-coded
  • Bar codes for computer-readable labels
  • Images, photographs, logos, clip art and other graphic elements
  • Year bars, date indexes, retention indicators, calendar grids, and other time oriented elements
  • Data imported from files, spreadsheets, and databases

NetLabels offers unprecedented flexibility and simplicity. Save time and money by streamlining your file labeling with NetLabels.