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FireLock Fire Proof Modular Vaults

FIRELOCK is the world leader in vital records vault design and pre-manufactured vault installations. Our turn-key vault system takes the uncertainty out of vault protection. Our storage chambers have been engineered for historic records, motion picture film and animation libraries, pharmaceutical and health records, research libraries, magnetic media and electronic format archives, direct access storage devices, government archives, intelligence gathering and defense information.

FIRELOCK has more assets secured in its vital record vaults than any other storage company in the world. Our designers routinely engineer vaults for those companies who professionally safeguard documents offsite for America’s most technologically elite corporations. We offer a network of independent offsite storage companies that have the most sophisticated storage environments in the country. These companies will protect your vital information assets whether your needs be one unit or ten thousand, regardless of the media type you require.

Firelock Interior

Many companies hesitate to store vital records on digital or magnetic media due to the lack of longevity associated with the media. FIRELOCK, by precisely controlling the media chamber environment, can avoid the cycling of humidity and temperature, which is the chief cause of this deterioration.

These vaults can be equipped to meet the ANSI IT9.11 environmental specification for storage of media. These vaults are magnetically shielded and also meet the requirements for Zone IV Seismic Construction as required in earthquake prone areas.