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Mobile Shelving – Mobile Shelving Systems

Automated Solutions Association offers mobile shelving systems to customers for various storage needs. Mobile shelving is a universal storage system storing anything from files to boxes, movies, books and evidence in many possible configurations.   Mobile shelving systems typically have a mechanical assisted handle at the end that a user rotates to move multiple mobile units at one time to access a floating aisle.    This allows you to eliminate the wasted aisles in a typical stationary shelving system and now use that space for additional storage in the same footprint.     Mobile shelving systems allow you to condense multiple storage rooms into one room, or shrink your existing storage space and free up floor space for people.    Mobile shelving also allows you to potentially eliminate the need for off site storage, because you are now using your storage space better.     Mobile shelving can increase your capacity 300% in the same floor space over traditional storage systems.

Mobile Shelving Systems

For more information on Mobile Shelving please contact your local ASA Dealer.