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Shelving File Conversion

Files in file cabinets are stored with tob tab file folders or hanging folders and require a conversion when centralizing your file system to fixed or moveable shelving. There are several types of file conversions available depending on how you are currently storing your records and how your records will be stored in a shelf file system. In most cases, you will require all new file folders, which can be shipped with a custom color code label already applied to the folder for setup in the new system.

With standard top tab folders, you have the opportunity to convert your files to a side tab file utilizing one of our file converter strips which can have a color code label applied to them prior to the conversion.

Some conversions require unfastening documents from existing folders and fastening them into a new folder.

Whatever your requirement may be, ASA offers a turnkey service to convert your files from file cabinets to open shelf files.

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Shelving Conversion