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Southwest Solutions Group


Southwest Solutions Group® is a solution-oriented company providing storage solutions to businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Dallas, our team is comprised of over 100 highly experienced professionals, operating out of 16 offices nationwide.

We proudly serve: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San AntonioHouston and all of Texas. Oklahoma City,  Little Rock Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee and Jackson Mississippi.

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The 21st century demands that companies and institutions run leaner and more efficiently by better utilizing their existing organizational infrastructure of facilities and human capital. Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group, Inc. has increased business performance with dynamic records management and storage solutions. We have optimized the effective use of space resources within the office and warehouse by incorporating:

With over 10,000 satisfied clients and a team of 100 professionals to serve you, our team can assist you with your space and time efficient storage systems.

Our team specializes in the complete spectrum of Records, Information, and Material Management Systems.

Solutions available on:

  • Corporate Contracts
  • GSA Contract
  • State of Texas Contract
  • Multiple Healthcare Contracts – Tenet, Novation, Premier, MedAssets, and others
  • TXMAS Contract
  • QISV Contract
  • U.S. Communities Contract
  • Kansas State Contract
  • and others.

Points of Contact:

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
475 Round Rock West Dr.
Suite 100-A
Round Rock, TX 78681
Ph: 1-877-787-1328
Fax: 1-877-889-4099
Troy Menchhofer – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
2535-B E. State Highway 121 Suite 110
Lewisville, TX 75056
Ph: 1-800-803-1083
Fax: 1-888-980-8177
Craig Crock – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
15555 Tradesman
Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78249
Ph: 1-866-558-6988
Fax: 210-691-2238
Jim Smith – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
6105 Brittmoore
Houston, TX 77041
Ph: 1-800-229-4454
Fax: 713-467-4484
Randy Brant – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
Oklahoma City Office
7718 N. Robinson Avenue
Suite A21-22
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
Phone 405-879-3448
Fax 405-879-3370 Bruce Delp – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
McAllen Texas Office
3805 Plantation Grove Blvd. Suite 38
Mission, Texas 78572
Phone 956-793-4758
Arlene Robinson – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
Little Rock Arkansas Office
7101 West 12th Street, Suite 200
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Phone 501-859-0675
Fax 501-859-0674
Justin Story – Sales

Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
Memphis Tennessee Office
Phone 901-202-0480
Fax 901-202-0488

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