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Box Shelving supplied by ASA Group members include solutions for file box shelving and box storage solutions for all types of boxes. Systems include record centers, mezzanines, evidence rooms, static fixed file box shelving and high density box storage systems.

Box Storage solutions provided by Automated Solutions Association. Box shelving

Rotating cabinets spin on an axis to provide double sided storage. You can place these rotating cabinets against a wall and spin them (like a lazy susan) to bring the shelves on the back around to the front. By turning the rotating cabinet ¼ turn you can lock the cabinet. See the pictures below of the rotating cabinets to see how you can secure your shelves.

Box shelving Box shelving

Contact your local ASA member for an analysis of which box shelving option is best for your unique need from Wolter GRoup / Ellis Systems please contact your local ASA Dealer.